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BNJ Gardens is your one-stop hydroponic shop for high-quality horticulture pots and trays in the UK. Whether you need trays for planters, hydroponic pots, or any other gardening accessories, we have them all. Our hydroponics pots and all products are made from durable materials and designed to suit different types of plants and growing methods. You can select from diverse sizes, shapes, colours, and styles. Browse our collection and order online today. We provide all over the UK and offer affordable costs.

Horticulture Growing Systems

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Horticulture Pots and Trays: Durable and lightweight

Our horticulture plant pots and trays are composed of high-quality materials that are long-lasting, lightweight, and environment-friendly. They are accessible in various sizes, shapes, colours, and designs to coordinate your inclinations and your plant’s necessities. You can select from circular, square, rectangular, or hexagonal pots and trays, as well as diverse colours and finishes. Some of our horticultural pots and trays also have drainage holes, handles, or lids for your convenience.

Hydroponic Pots and Trays: Designed for Hydroponics Growing Systems

Our hydroponic pots and trays are made especially for hydroponics growing systems, where plants are grown in water or nutrient solutions without soil. They are perfect for growing herbs, vegetables, fruits, blossoms, and natural products.

Our hydroponic pots and trays are composed of plastic, clay, or metal, and they have holes or slits to allow the roots to access the water and nutrients. They also have air circulation functions to avoid root decay and guarantee ideal oxygen levels.

Whether you need trays for planters, planting trays, or hydroponic grow pots, you can discover them all at BNJ Gardens.

We have an extensive stock of horticultural pots and trays ready for delivery throughout the UK. You can order online or visit our store in Manchester and Carshalton to see our products in person.

We also give affordable prices as well as offer discounts for bulk orders. If you have any questions or require any counsel, our friendly and professional staff are always happy to assist you in finding the best product for your garden.

BNJ Gardens is your trusted accomplice for all your horticulture and hydroponics needs. We have the best hydroponic grow pots and planting trays in the UK for your plants according to your budget. Order today and take advantage of BNJ Gardens for plant-growing services.

What are hydroponic pots and trays?

Hydroponic pots and trays are containers used to grow plants without soil, using water or nutrient solutions for optimal growth. Hydroponic pots and trays can vary in size, shape, material, and design, depending on the type of hydroponic system and the plants being grown. 

Some common types of hydroponic pots and trays are

Net pots: These are plastic pots with holes or slits that allow the roots to reach the nutrient solution and the air. They are perfect for nutrient film technique (NFT), deep water culture (DWC), ebb and flow, and aeroponics systems.

Fabric pots: These containers are built from breathable fabric, which allows water and air to flow through. They are ideal for air-pruning the roots and avoiding root decay. They can also used for soil or coco and hydroponic growing systems.

Air pots: These pots have holes or openings on the sides and the bottom, which allow air to enter the root zone. They are also best for air-pruning the roots and improving oxygen levels. They can also used for soil or coco and hydroponic systems.

Hydroponic trays: These are trays that hold the plants and the growing medium, and they might overflow, drain, soaked, or sprayed with the nutrient solution. They also utilise ebb and flow, drip, and aeroponics systems.

Hydroponic pots and trays are necessary for growing plants in a soilless and effective way. By selecting the best hydroponic grow pot and tray for your plants, you will optimise their growth, health, and productivity. 

What are the Benefits of Growing in a Grow System?

There are numerous reasons why you may need to grow in a growing system, which is a method of growing plants without soil, using water or nutrient solutions instead. Some of the benefits of grow systems are:

Faster and higher yields 

Grow systems can develop plants that grow up to 20% quicker and 25% more than soil-grown plants.  It is because the plants have less demanding access to the water and nutrients they require, and they don’t have to compete with weeds or bugs.

Space and water efficiency

Grow systems can utilise up to 90% less water and 50% less space than soil gardening. Because the water is recycled and reused, and the plants can be grown in vertical or compact courses of action.

Climate and season independence

Grow systems can installed inside or outside, and they can grow plants all year round, regardless of the weather or the season. This is because the grow systems can create a controlled environment for the plants, where the temperature, sunlight, moisture, and pH levels are maintained and balanced.

Variety and quality

Grow systems can develop a variety of plants, from herbs and vegetables to natural products and blossoms. Usually, the grow systems can give the ideal conditions for each plant type, and they can avoid diseases and bugs that can influence the quality and taste of the plants.

Tips for Successful System Growth

Choose the right nutrients

Not all nutrients are suitable for every system. Consider the viscosity of the nutrients and how well they dissolve in the water. Dense nutrients can clog the filters, leading to issues. Select a product that works well with your hydroponic growing system.

Maintain cleanliness

Regularly clean your grow system to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria. Use products like Silver Bullet to keep the roots free from pathogens during the summer months, enabling continuous growth.

Clean pump filters

If your system uses pumps, clean the filters regularly to prevent the formation of biofilms or residue in water pumps. Dust can accumulate in air pumps as well. Blockages can cause pump failures and disrupt the proper system’s operation, which can have hindering impacts on plant wellbeing.

Grow your own plants with a grow system from BNJ Gardens. We have all sorts of growing pots and trays for hydroponics and horticulture. We are the leading hydroponic supplier and grow shop in Manchester and Carshalton, with 25 years of experience and expertise. We offer free local delivery, great support, and thousands of products in stock. Choose the best trays and pots for your plants and within your budget.  Order online or visit our store today. BNJ Gardens: your horticulture and hydroponics hub.